Now offering custom paint-finished valances in both the Stairstep and the Classic profiles.    This new option ensures that our valances will coordinate perfectly with colors and design palette already in place. 

Laminate finishes are no longer available. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your business.
At CDH it is our priveledge and reward to create high quality and innovative hardware solutions for the finest interior designers in the industry. It is our passion to not only create products that are current and relevant to how we live today, but hopefully will also speak to the trends of tomorrow. Crowntrax was developed to replace old fashioned hardware and valances of the past,as well as strive to create products that excel into the new era of streamlined, uptempo styling, with no maintenance and easy installation and operation.

Our 7" high wood core valances are primed and custom paint finished to virtually any color the customer requests. Available in 2 profiles: CLASSIC or STAIRSTEP . Both have clean lines, and are custom tailored to fit over any new or existing drapery treatment. Every Crowntrax is custom made to specifications and is ready to install upon delivery. 1/2" thick dustcap can be made to mount onto wall mounted brackets, or can be drilled through directly into the ceiling.


Our fascias and mounting boards are made completely of high strength Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). In addition to being denser and stronger than plywood, the manufacturing process of MDF does not require the use of raw lumber. Rather the manufacturing of MDF includes scrap lumber, recycled paper, bamboo, forest thinnings and sawmill off-cuts.




With over 75 years combined expertise in the window covering industry, it is our pleasure to provide our service to make every ordering experience as simple and trouble-free as possible. Call us any time, we are here to help: (888)544-5552

In order to make your product correctly all we will need are the finished width, return projection and what type of mount (ceiling or wall) will be required for  your valances. In most cases, that's all we need. In scenarios where drapery tracks/valances butt into adjacent walls, that information can be easily notated on our Order Forms.




All products are guaranteed for to 2 years after date of purchase, provided the product is properly installed and maintained.  All products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship.  We will replace any defective product at no cost.



Our product is "installer friendly" and goes up in the same process as any standard cornice or valance. Crowntrax valances arrive ready to install.  Valances will either be installed with "L" brackets on the wall or anchored  directly into the ceiling, depending on each particular situation.

Note: Installation hardware, such as "L" brackets or angle irons are not included, and must be supplied by the installer.


Stairstep BRONZEGRAIN, 7"H
Stairstep BRONZEGRAIN, 7"H
Classic WALNUT, 7"H
Classic WALNUT, 7"H
Classic METALLIC, 7"H
Classic METALLIC, 7"H
Stairstep ESPRESSO, 7"H
Stairstep ESPRESSO, 7"H