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At CDH it is our priveledge and reward to create high quality and innovative hardware solutions for the finest interior designers in the industry.  It is our passion to not only create products that are current and relevant to how we live today,  but hopefully will also speak to the trends of tomorrow. Crowntrax was not developed to merely replace old fashioned hardware and valances of the past, rather we strive to create products that excel into the new era of streamlined, updated styling, low maintenance and easy operation.




Our 7" high wood core valances are finished in high strength vinyl and/or paper laminate.  Tracks are powder coated and assembled with ball-bearing carriers that effortlessly roll withinin the track to open and close the drapery.  Crowntrax replaces poles and rings, fabric valances, shade screen enclosures and more with an updated and easy maintenance alternative. Every Crowntrax is custom made to specifications and is ready to install upon delivery. 




Our fascias and mounting boards are made completely of high strength Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).  In addition to being denser and stronger than plywood,  the manufacturing process of MDF does not require the use of raw lumber.   Rather the manufacturing of MDF includes scrap lumber, recycled paper, bamboo,  forest thinnings and sawmill off-cuts. 




At a 7" vertical dimension, Crowntrax is slim, yet stately.  A polished and modernistic cornice,  but the inner workings of our product turn this valance into an industrial-sized piece of drapery hardware.  By concealing the drapery track and the entire top line of the drapery, the valance gives enough coverage to finish the treatment without feeling top heavy.  Ball-bearing carriers roll effortlessly in the powder coated tracks.  Available in 2 profiles, Stairstep and Classic, and 13 finishes, our product can cover the spectrum of almost any design scheme.  The Stairstep Profile lends itself to a more modern and uptown trend, as the Classic Profile is embraced by more historically established and universally honored design trends.  Custom select from the large variety of high quality laminate finishes to complete the product and best coordinate with furnishings and color schemes.




With over 75 total combined years in the window covering industry, it is our pleasure to provide our expertise to make every ordering experience as simple and trouble-free as possible. Call us any time, we are here to help: (888)544-5552.