Long before Crowntrax was in existence, interior designers grew tired of using poles and rings as their only choice for decorative drapery hardware and fabric valances seemed to be the only way to cover the tops of the windows. The "hospital track" installed in so many businesses and residences could offer a clean and modern look,  but generally, it did not compliment the overall look the designer was trying to achieve. Deland Pelto, co-founder, in 1997 went to the drawing board and came up with the idea of applying fabric to a "crown molding", of sorts, which was mounted in front of the hospital track. They were simply called "Upholstered Crowns", and they turned out to be quite popular, and kept Jordan, his son and co-founder,  very busy in manufacturing.

On a trip overseas in 2006, Deland was with his other son, Aaron, looking for inspiration for the window treatment business. While traveling abroad, he was influenced by the many materials, textures and designs he experienced. He came back to Arizona excited to talk to Jordan about his trip and his idea of creating the "hospital track" with decorative moldings integrated into a one-piece drapery track system. They went to work on it. With a central focus on current design elements, product quality and being "installer-friendly" they were determined to give the drapery hardware industry what it was lacking. After dozens of prototypes, construction and design concepts, they finally created what has come to be, and is now "CROWNTRAX".


Today, Crowntrax products can be found in hotels, resorts, office buildings,  residences and even in professional ballpark lounges around the country. After becoming an Endorsed Supplier with Best Western Hotels, NA in 2009,  our sights are set to find our product in as many hotel chains, resorts and office buildings around the country and the world in the coming years as possible.   With rave reviews and an ever growing need of new fashion and high quality at a great price,  we hope to be the solution for many of the hoteliers and interior designers.


Fueled by creativity, passion, hard work, strong customer service and an extensive experience in the industry, Crown Drapery Hardware was created by Deland and Jordan Pelto, father and son, whom are the second and third generations of their family-owned businesses in the window fashion industry.


Since the mid 1970's, Deland has been adorning windows with meticulous detail and a particular eye for extreme luxury. By the early 80's he began rendering service to the "finer designers". He has been known as "The Designer to the Designers". Working in multi-million dollar homes and high rises, he is recognized for his passion for the design and creation of remarkable window treatments. He has earned a reputation from his colleagues as being one the best in the industry, not only for the high level of custom work he provides, but also the extraordinary standard of service that he brings to every project he is a part of. He facilitates every aspect of the project from the initial meeting to the installation. "50% of the job is installing it correctly" is one of his adages. "Everything we have ever installed, we've made, thus eliminating a lot of the guess work by thinking in advance about how we will facilitate the install, and designing our product accordingly." Working on large projects that would involve 30 feet of scaffolding along with pulleys and bucket lifts, he has always found a way to create the ultimate window treatment. Operating at this level of service is what their business has been built on, and what he believes every client deserves. Deland's work has been published in many interior design, affluent living and trade magazines locally and nationally, over the years showcasing some of the extreme attention to detail that he offers.


Jordan came into the drapery workroom business, in his first year out of high school, in the late 1990's when Deland noticed his desire to build and create, and recognized that his creativity and attention to detail could be put to good use. Without hesitation, Jordan took on the challenge and started manufacturing all of the custom upholstery work for his father's workroom business. He soon started creating his own designs, and by implementing new techniques he would find himself pioneering a new level of manufacturing upholstered treatments for the interior design industry. Creating upholstered cornice designs unlike anything that has never been done before was the result of Jordan's ability to imagine, engineer, and construct. Three dimensional, multi-layer, illuminated, multi-dimensional, "wave faced", custom curved and contoured, describe cornice designs and concepts that became his trademark. Jordan soon had other cornice fabricators who were more than twice his age, (many with far more years of cornice building experience than he had), trying to figure out how he does what he does. At present, Jordan has directed his engineering and design skills towards the research and development of Crowntrax, as a vital new product for the window treatment industry. 

"Today we still keep a smaller family-run facility at only about 5000 square feet, in Scottsdale, AZ.   Staying smaller gives us the ability to focus on every order and every customer to give them the best service possible, which we believe is just as important as the product itself." says Jordan.